See it, Be it Mission and Vision
February 9, 2022

See it, Be it – What is it?

Positioned at the intersection of education and employment, See it Be it advances social mobility, opportunity and equity through compelling video content about the future of work.

Interweaving the needs of Businesses to diversify their pipeline of talent, with the demand in schools and community for engaging content about the world of work and the skills that must be harnessed and developed for a future fit economy. 

A passion to educate, inform, include and diversify your future workforce.

What exactly do you do?

We create a narrative for your company with the stories of your employees and distribute to career’s advisors, schools and social outreach in your local area and beyond, to diversify your pipeline of talent, challenge stereotypes and shine a light on your industry as a diverse and exciting place to be.

Sunita Dulai, Account Director in Infrastructure at AMEY plc

So what?

Today’s job market is dynamic and changing at a rapid rate. Challenging education to ‘keep up’ and threatening industry with the prospect of major talent disruption. There has been decades of research that confirm the best way to broaden prospects for young people is to engage them in the world of work from an early age. 

Labour market information is key for Career related learning and what See it, Be it does is it takes labour market information right out of the hands of businesses and delivers it to young people through compelling stories about real people that are relatable and inspirational in equal measures. 

VISION: For every child to feel open to opportunity regardless of gender, ethnicity, neurodiversity, physical ability and socioeconomic background.

MISSION: For every child to be able to name at least ten occupations created by the fourth industrial revolution by the time they make their GCSE choices. 

Our content gives your company a direct channel into an untapped audience AND empowers Careers Advisors, Teachers and Youth Outreach Teams for free. We support purpose-driven companies who acknowledge that in order to diversify their pipeline of talent, they must connect at a local and national level with education. 

See it, Be it challenges stereotypes, levels the playing field and shines a light on the future of work and the roles that have been created in the 4IR. 

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