Excite and engage your students with inspirational films and accompanying planned lessons about real people doing real jobs.

‘Plug in and play’ planned lessons to link learning to careers for KS3 and KS4 that can be used in PSHE, adapted for assemblies and tutor times as well as supporting the Gatsby Benchmarks 1 – 4 and curriculum-linked. All the resources you need to challenge stereotypes and connect your classroom to the world of work.

Engage, Inspire, Inform


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Our Impact

“Oh wow – I absolutely love this! It really challenges them but is set out in a really engaging way and the concepts are pacey with a good variety of media and activity types included. The video is brilliant. Short and snappy but with lots of input. It’s up to date and topical.”

Sue Crace – Head Teacher

“I’ve never seen anything like this before. I learnt that working on the highways isn’t just about fixing the roads, it’s about the environment as well, and connecting people. To be honest, I didn’t even know what infrastructure was until I watched this film. It makes me think about what other jobs are out there that I don’t know about.”

Leo K – age 14


Saves time and money

We save you time and your school money by empowering you with resources that are high-quality, authentic and relevant. Created by TV & Film professionals who know how to light a spark.


Adaptable and Flexible

We support your already jam-packed day with fully-editable, teachable content in a PowerPoint lesson, with differentiation AND worksheets ready to print, created by experienced teachers who know how to engage a class of even the most disaffected or disengaged young people.

Relevant and Authentic

We also deliver lesson plans, assembly ideas, and project ideas centred around the videos so that you can deliver a comprehensive and inspiring programme. Our integrated resources help you strengthen the links between school and work, so that students are more prepared for key moments like Options Choices in KS3 and you are able to achieve Gatsby Benchmarks 1,2,3 and 4.


How is it free?!

Our films and resources are paid for by employers that identify a need to engage the next generation in order to narrow the diversity and skills gap in the world of work. The companies we work with are mission driven and focused on doing good for people and planet, and the people we film are passionate about encouraging young people into their industry.

Can they be used in SEN schools?

Absolutely! All our films and lessons are accessible and inclusive and employers are crying out for neurodiverse talent so we have worked hard to give you options and adaptable content specifically for SEN children.

How are the films & lessons made?

The films start off as a ‘deep dive’ interview where our Creative Director Anna interviews our role model. She finds out what makes them tick, what they were like growing up, the subjects they loved at school, why they love their job, what does their job entail? Our MO is “Don’t tell us, show us”, which is why our films are so engaging. We don’t need another series of boring talking heads explaining what their job looks like; young people need to see people that look and sound like them doing jobs they don’t know exist – and that’s our bag.

Once the films start to take shape Anna works with Educational Consultant Kate who creates the planned lessons based on the film, drawing upon elements of the film and creating exercises in the classroom so that children can dig further into the job and the industry.

Why do your lessons look the way they do?

Our ‘house style’ is bold – but if it doesn’t suit you, then feel free to change the colours.

We use Comic Sans/Dyslexia fonts because there is research which suggests it is more accessible for many students. However, like everything in education, there is plenty of research to suggest it makes no difference either. If you prefer another font, everything is fully editable.

Can I change things that won’t work for my students?

Absolutely! There are so many factors which affect the lessons you teach. You know what works in your school and in your classroom. You can take out, adapt, add in, edit, change fonts and colours – whatever you need to do to make our content work for your students. There is purposely too much content in the lessons to give you lots of options, without having to invent it all yourself. You can pick and choose from our content to create the perfect experience for your classroom.

Founders’ note

Throughout our time in education, and from talking to teachers, we have found that:

  • You would love to open up new conversations about stereotypes outside of the standard, but it can be difficult to embed this as part of your weekly curriculum goals.
  • Your students would really benefit from seeing how exciting the world of work is, but much of the information online is hard to find and not age-appropriate.
  • You would like to be able to integrate people’s occupations into the classroom but getting in volunteers takes a lot of time, and it’s difficult to find those really exciting jobs that go beyond what children already know about: Doctor, Firefighter, Pilot, Nurse, Vet.
  • You want to achieve the Gatsby Benchmarks but you don’t have the time or the resources to do it well.
  • Your school leavers would benefit from engaging video content to feel inspired as they often are unsure of their next steps.

We understand you want to build the foundations for your pupils so they grow into successful, happy, global citizens, and that’s why we created See it, Be it.   

By signing up to use our free content, you can begin to level the playing field for ALL children, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, neurodiversity, disability and socio-economic background.

 The future world of work, brought directly to your classroom.  

Kate & Anna 

Founders of See it, Be it CIC


Get started for free and click on the Resources for Schools tab at the top of this page to access our resources hub.

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If you're ready to speak to us, you can click below to book a call at a time that suits you.

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