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Thank you for your interest in our See it, Be it Resources.

These lessons are constructed to fill a one-hour block of timetable, but are completely editable so feel free to adapt them to suit your organisation’s needs and timetable. The resources are available in both PDF and Word format.

The lessons have the videos embedded into the page, and you can also access the videos via Youtube here.

What’s the lesson structure?

Every lesson contains a Bell Task to engage students immediately, opportunities for discussion in pairs, groups and whole-class, structured tasks with differentiated worksheets, plenty of choice, times for reflection and consolidation of learning, and a plenary which builds on what’s happened in the lesson.

When to use them?

There are many ways our content can be used. Each PowerPoint is fully-editable, meaning you can make decisions for content based on your class and your timetable. Whether you use the lessons as hour-long PSHE/Citizenship tasks, whether you embed them into your curriculum, or whether you want something inspiring for Assemblies or Tutor Times, our package can be edited by you, for you. The videos are also available for you to use alone, rather than with lesson content.

Which skills are built?

Listening (active and demonstrable), Speaking (including presenting), Leadership and Teamwork (in short and extended tasks), Problem Solving and Creativity (many opportunities for both throughout the course), Resilience and Evaluation (including Skills Audits and questionnaires to consider personal skills).

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Millie - Trainee Engineer and Commercial Modeler

Subject Links: Maths, Science, English, Literacy, Geography, Engineering, D&T, Citizenship, Careers, RE (Stewardship)

Downloadable files:
Millie’s Lesson PowerPoint

Roadmap to Success
Gingerbread Activity

Chloe - Energy Engineer

Subject Links: Science, Engineering, D&T, Citizenship

Downloadable files:
Chloe’s Lesson PowerPoint
Key Terms Exercise Chart
Key Terms with Hints
Student Survey for Bell Tasks

Steve - Engineering Manager

Subject Links: Science, Engineering, D&T, Citzenship, Careers

Downloadable files:
Steve’s Lesson PowerPoint
Engineering Exercise
Engineer Evaluation Grid

Selene - Lead Engineer

Subject Links: Science, Engineering, D&T, Citzenship, Careers

Downloadable files:
Selene’s Lesson PowerPoint
Selene Bingo
Lesson Evaluation
Lesson Evaluation Emoji

Parth - Business Development Director

Subject Links: Maths, English, Literacy, Careers

Downloadable files:
Parth’s Lesson PowerPoint
Parth’s Quiz Questions

Tharina - Heat Network Specialist

Subject Links: Science, Engineering, Maths, English, Careers

Downloadable files:
Tharina’s Lesson PowerPoint
Tharina Lesson Peer Assessment
Tharina Lesson Job Specification Examples

Mo - Project Manager

Subject Links: Maths, English, Literacy, D&T, Citzenship, Careers

Downloadable files:
Mo’s Lesson PowerPoint
Mo’s Retrieval Practice Challenge

Ashley - Commercial Analyst

Subject Links: Maths, English, Literacy, Careers

Downloadable files:
Ashley’s Lesson PowerPoint
Raw Data for Ashley Task

Lucy - Consultant Engineer

Subject Links: Maths, English, Engineering, D&T, Literacy, Careers

Downloadable files:
Lucy’s Lesson PowerPoint

Amy - Relationship Manager

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