Our Team

Anna, founder of see it be it

Anna Burrows

Founder, Creative Director, Chief Executive


During my career as a producer in TV and branded content I have always felt most rewarded when I have made content that has either raised awareness of important issues, or has been created to move people emotionally and motivate them to take action.

I’ve worked on sensitive documentaries about mental health in young people, I’ve filmed schools for an observational documentary following graduates on their first year as a teacher, I’ve produced brand campaigns and TV adverts for household names like John Lewis, Barclays and Tommee Tippee, and I’ve worked on charity campaigns for The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and The Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

What I’ve learnt from the breadth of experience I have gained is that at the heart of any successful film or viral content is one thing: Human connection. When you can make an audience feel something, you can make an audience think. That’s why I am dedicating my life to creating content for children that is as authentic as it is captivating and informative, so that they can feel excited about their future, whatever they choose to do in life.

Kate Hare

Educational Consultant

I have been involved in education from the age of 19 in a number of different roles. From House Parenting to Teaching English as an Additional Language, to supporting young people in a YOI, to teaching English and Media Studies in main-stream Secondary Schools, developing a love of learning and nurturing curiosity has been my main focus for over 20 years now.

Through See it, Be it, I am furthering this life-long commitment by focusing on creating exciting, captivating, inspiring Careers-Related content for children and young people aged 5-16. Alongside Anna Burrows, I hope that our program helps guide kids to a bright and fulfilling future where they work in any industry they wish, free of stigma and barriers.

Kate founder see it be it

Wendy Papworth

Non Executive Director

Wendy has global expertise on all aspects of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI); working with senior executives, HR professionals and employee network groups, with a track record as a thought leader in designing appropriate diversity strategies and delivering aligned programmes. Working now as an independent DE&I and wellbeing consultant, Wendy has previously held senior DE&I roles in the financial services and technology industries, most recently at FNZ Technology Group, BlackRock, Barclays and IBM.

She is currently the Chair and Trustee of FACET, a social enterprise for adults with learning disabilities based in Cambridgeshire. Wendy has previously sat on the Advisory Boards of Catalyst Europe, (a leading research organisation on gender diversity) and International Women of Excellence and she is a former member of UK Finance Diversity and Inclusion Council.

Mike Reynolds

Non Executive Director

I am personally committed to making my team and company a more diverse and representative group of people and I really think so much of the challenges we face across all sectors are about visibility and inspiration.

How do we fight the “That’s not for people like me” fear. See it Be it is a practical way to address that challenge, connecting businesses with communities and kids when they are making life choices and helping to shine a light on the opportunity and potential.

It is such a positive message and something I believe will work if it is scaled and supported properly so when I was asked to join as Non-Executive it felt like I could make a difference and support the team in these early years in building out the proposition and having an impact.

Mike Reynolds see it be it

 Jon Bartley

Director of Photography

I am passionate about creating content that raises aspirations, because I believe everyone should have the opportunity to show the world what they’ve got. Being able to empower young people with films that shine a light on the endless possibilities of their future feels like a great first step towards a more inclusive and diverse world.

I enjoy being a part of the See it, Be it team, seeing the way that our work doesn’t just inspire the next generation, but also values and empowers the amazing people we film is truly rewarding.

I got into filmmaking because I loved the power that the moving image has to tell stories. Knowing that the stories we tell at See it, Be it are inspiring young people all over the country is the cherry on the cake.